Acceleration With Nanopol


Nanopol is the first specialized accelerator of the polymer and petrochemical industry focusing on nanotechnology in the country. This accelerator has started its activity since 2019 with the cooperation of the Special Headquarters for the Development of Nano Technology and the support of the Polymer Technology Development Center in the Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute of Iran.
Identifying creative ideas and supporting and cultivating these ideas until reaching the goal and product, along with providing unique services such as advanced industrial and laboratory facilities, has made Nanopol a pioneer in this field among industrial and scientific accelerators.

Nanopol Technology Club

In the Nanopol Technology Club, from the smart shared work environment to coaching services, the presence of venture capitalists, business specialists, expert patent consultants, obtaining valid certificates, company registration and all the facilities needed by a business. All will be available to our Tech Club subscribers.

Acceleration process in nanopol

تکمیل فرم‌های اولیه  نانو پل

Completion of basic forms

داوری طرح‌ها  نانو پل

Review ideas

شتابدهی نانو پل


معرفی به سرمایه گذار نانو پل

Introduction to investors

پسا رهاسازی نانو پل

post release

Accelerator services to entrepreneurs

  • Provision of shared work space and administrative services.

  • Mentoring: a network of elite people consisting of industry owners, university professors

  • Providing the budget for the laboratory and research network to purchase raw materials for conducting tests

Mentors of Nanopol

دکتر شروین احمدی

Dr. Sherwin Ahmadi

دکتر میلاد مهرانپور

Dr. Milad Mehranpour

مهندس سعید زکایی

Saeed Zokai

Acceleration package details

The first stage of the acceleration package

نانو پل
Introduction session with the mentor
نانو پل
Technology team completion services
نانو پل
Raw material procurement review services
نانو پل
Laboratory prototype preparation services
نانو پل
Material identification test services

The second stage of the acceleration package

نانو پل
Assisting in conducting property tests and reproducibility of the desired property in the product
نانو پل
holding educational courses
نانو پل
Providing consulting services
نانو پل
Completion of BP
نانو پل
Assistance in measuring semi-industrial production
نانو پل
Facilitating experiments in order to check the reproducibility of properties in the semi-industrial stage

The third stage of the acceleration package

نانو پل
Introducing the plan to investors

post release

نانو پل
Introduction to technology exchange network

Network of Nanopol associates

In this section, you can see colleagues and groups that have cooperated with Nanopol since the past.

Some of the startups based in Nanopol

You can see polymer companies and startups based in the Nanopol Accelerator in this section.

اطلاعات تماس نانو پل


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02144787082 - 09352627961

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